Nestbox is an assembly that turns your car into a comfortable camping car, simply by inserting it into the trunk. Within 5 minutes it can be anchored in the car, the sleeping grate unfolded and your car turned into a perfect holiday partner.


Nestbag – allow for maximum space efficiency when you’re on the go.


We know how important it is to sleep on the move. That’s why we developed Nestbed,, a module that includes a bed frame and mattress for the comfort you need, wherever you need it.


Nestblock is the interior folding table is a multifunctional table that can serve as a storage or service space both in and outside of your car.


There is never enough place in the car and every little one counts. That's the reason why we had tailor the pillows with special pockets to fill them up with what you can't miss while you sleep or rest.


We also focus on rebuilding common passenger or commercial vehicles for regular or occasional leisure activities of their owners. The essence of repurposing a vehicle is the installation of the SCA lifting roof and the iKamper roof tents and Thule awnings or bike racks.