One Nestour is at its end and thanks to the another we cannot be sorry for too long. Autumn edition just started at Connecticut, USA.
We can watch Barbora and Peter at their spectacular journey across the North America. An objectively heroic plan counts with 15,000 miles, which is more than 24,000 km. If we would re-count it, its an uneblievable 400 km a day and nor a day off.
Are you in tension as well? Come to follow them with us at nestour_north_america IG profile and polarsteps website, where you will also find the link for real time stalking.

How did they even come up with such an idea and how were the preparations going on? See below what Bara and Petr wrote about it:

Americans often make fun of Europe that it is about the size of a shopping mall. We wouldn’t be proper Europeans if we didn’t get offended by this. However, as we started to plan our great adventure around USA and part of Canada, we have realized that we have been living in and out of USA for 9 years and have only seen the East Coast, which is just a fraction of the entire nation. As the planning progressed, the feeling of littleness started sinking in. 48 hours of non-stop driving just to make it to Yellowstone National Park? 15,000 miles (24,000 km) in 2 months only to hit the highlights? We better get a reliable car with comfy seats.

We had only two months to put the entire trip together, from contacting Nesteam to hitting the road. In record time the team assembled, packed, and shipped our module. We managed to install the module in our Ford Transit (Toureno) Connect in less than 2 hours without any prior knowledge about the product. Our car was basically ready for the trip within a week from receiving the module and we felt confident that we can make the entire trip just with our Nestbox in the back of our minivan.

We are expecting and hoping for a great adventure with lifelong memories that we will tell our grandkids. Thank you Egoé Nest for making this American Dream happen!