Travelling and sleeping in the vehicle has been gaining more and more followers lately. Young couples are exploring the world in used pickups with an old mattress and a large gas canister. Families travel to the countryside in their campervans and spend time in places that would otherwise be difficult to access.

It is no wonder – people from big cities spend most of their time in their offices, children in schools, and so they seek a break from this daily routine. Escape from a busy life and consumerism. One such means of escape is a road trip in a vehicle which becomes your mobile home. This often results in moments you can look back on and experiences you can draw from for the rest of your life. The experience from such a journey and staying out in the wild can also leave a lasting mark on your life, change your perspective of the world and your life priorities.

What can be better than discovering new places, countries, cultures, meeting interesting people, having unusual discussions, and especially sleeping wherever you like and waking up in the most exciting parts of the world? The freedom to make your own decisions and a healthy dose of change are what make people undertake this kind of trip. No need to worry where you’ll sleep overnight or which beach you'll crash on for the night. There’s no way a stay in a traditional hotel can give you that.

This year we decided to undertake such a journey, and so we created an event called Nestour. We would like to demonstrate how liberating a road trip can be. We want to illustrate what the trip entails, from the initial idea to the first adventures, meeting new people, including problems en route, as well as the return home.

We will be accompanying Karel and Klára on their travels through Europe for two months. A Ford Connect equipped with Nestbox and other Nest accessories will be home for this young couple. During this time, we’ll visit the most beautiful European destinations and take part in exciting events along with them. The next two months will also be the biggest stress test yet for our campervan assembly.

If you also want to join Karel and Klára in Switzerland for the Climbing World Cup, mingle with surfers in Portugal and attend the biggest meeting of caravanners in Europe, do not forget to follow their blog at:

www.nestour.eu and



We wish them both the best of luck!