The first of variants for off–road vehicles are tailored to Land Rover Discovery 4.
Just like our other assemblies, NST300 is designed in such a way that the car doesn't need to be modified to use it. Simply put the assembly into the luggage compartment and anchor it using safety straps. When you don't need it, you can easily take it out and store it in your garage.

What does the assembly include? Nestbox is equipped with a comfortable bed for two adults which is 100 cm wide (130 cm option available). After folding down the rear seats and installing the supporting crossbars, the bed base can be easily unfolded. A 7 cm high mattress made of antibacterial, easy to maintain material comes on top of it, non-slip side down.

The main drawer contains a compartment for a cooker and water module. The cooker module consists of a two-pot stove and a total of four gas cartridges (2 main, 2 back-ups). There are two smaller drawers for storing kitchen utensils. The water module contains a 12-liter canister with an integrated pump connected to a 12V car socket; a removable sink and an electric button for opening the water tap. There will be additional equipment available in the spring of 2018 – ceiling and window bags.

The off–road version is our complete innovation for 2018, which came to us yesterday finally from the development studio. This weekend we will introduce it at the CMT - die Urlaubsmesse / Messe Stuttgart. If you are interested in, contact us!

You can find us on the stand of our partner Car-inside: stand 1G09, 13. – 21.01.2018